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We have 3360 users who created 810 journeys and saved 6.26 tons of CO2 till today!

About us

The idea of ​​web applications is to establish a uniform system of sharing journeys in Croatia and the countries of the region.

Ajmoskupa supports sustainable way to travel with a partner, using a car, taxi, bike or hike. Users of the system may be individuals or companies and institutions with a larger number of employees.

The point is simple, find someone who is traveling in your direction and share a ride. That way you save money, reduce emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and it's more fun. Of course, sharing is not limited to car or taxi, you can share and travel by bike or walking.

Using Ajmoskupa portal is completely free to sign up, you add your journeys and seek users to ride share. In developing of the portal, we care about many details of the security and privacy, ease of use, quality of interaction and exceptional notification system.

A very important feature of the portal is the possibility of creating a "groups". "Groups" are mini GEO portals intended to be used by organizations, associations and individuals. More about groups, see the "FAQs".